Vote to keep Bidens hands off of U.S. energy policy

By World Oil staff on 11/2/2020

As the U.S. presidential election cycle nears its final chapter on Tuesday, and Tuesday evening, we at World Oil think its appropriate to remind our fellow professionals in the U.S. oil and gas industry what is at stake. And we also implore those of you, who have not voted yet, to get out and vote on Tuesday, for the sake of the nation, and for the sake of the industry.

Seldom do we find ourselves in the U.S. industry with such a clear-cut choice between good and bad, but thats exactly what we face this year. As an advocate for this industry, World Oil would be remiss in not taking a formal stand. We urge you to NOT vote for former Vice President Joe Biden.

The laundry list. In case you need to be reminded, here is a long list of reasons to NOT vote for Biden:

  • Biden will eliminate the U.S. oil and gas industry. He admitted this in the final Presidential debate on Oct. 22.
  • Biden will ban hydraulic fracturing (fracing), no matter what he says now to avoid losing votes. The first place where he will implement this ban is on federal lands.
  • Biden will work to eliminate the granting of oil and gas leases on federal lands.
  • Biden will eliminate the use of natural gas for electricity generation.
  • Bidens policies will cause electricity costs to consumers to rise to sky-high levels.
  • Bidens policies, which will bring an overreliance on wind- and solar-generated electricity will cause an ever-growing risk ....
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