More New Records for Dow, NASDAQ Despite a Slower Rally

The November episode of the Zacks Ultimate Strategy Session is now available for viewing! Tune in to this must-see event when Kevin Matras, Kevin Cook, Ben Rains, Madeleine Johnson and Sheraz Mian discuss the investment landscape from several angles.Dont miss your chance to hear:

Ben and Madeleine Agree to Disagree on the Streaming Wars and whether Netflix will be affected by new competition from Apple TV+, Disney+ and moreKevin Matras covers if investors should get in with stocks making new all-time highs or wait for a pullback in Zacks MailbagSheraz and Kevin Cook choose one portfolio to give feedback for improvementAnd much moreSimply log on to and view the November episode here. And please let us know what you think of this format. Email all feedback to all the major indices hit new highs in the same session yesterday (for the first time since mid-July), its understandable to see some hesitation the next day.However, even though stocks came well off their highs and moved mostly lower in the final hours, two indices managed to hang on for another day of fresh records.All they had to do was finish on the plus side!The Dow rose by 0.11% (or about 30 points) to 27,492.63, while the NASDAQ inched upward by 0.02% (or around one-and-a-half points) to 8434.68.The S&P, which had reached new highs in four of the previous six sessions, had a chance to join its counterparts in the green. However, it fell short by 0.12% and finished at 3074.62.The....

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