Largest "Green" Ferry Launched in China for Italy's Moby

Moby Fantasy was launched in China on November 6, 2021 (Moby Lines)

Published Nov 8, 2021 3:05 PM by The Maritime Executive

China’s Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) has launched one of the world’s largest cruise ferries, which will be the largest operating in the Mediterranean and one of the most energy-efficient yet built. The ferry, which is named Moby Fantasy, is the first of two large ferries that are being built to replace four older vessels operated between Italy and the island of Sardinia by Onorato Armatori’s Moby Lines.

The launch took place in Guangzhou, China on November 6. Photos provided the first look at the unique profile and hull spaces created to improve the efficiency of the vessels in operation. The design, developed by OSK ShipTech, sought both to realize maximize the economy of scale while also reducing the environmental footprint for the ships.

Ordered in 2019, each of the ferries will be approximately 69,500 gross tons making them the size of a mid-sized cruise ship. The only larger ferries currently in operation are running in the Baltic for Color Line. Moby’s new ferries will each measure 777 feet in length and have a beam of 105 feet. Each ship will accommodate up to 2,500 passengers in 550 cabins. They will also have a capacity for up to 1,300 cars or 300 trucks.

Moby is promoting the ferries as the greenest yet built. Despite their size, they will use up to 30 percent less energy than ....

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