Govt on environment is say nothing, do nothing



Tribune Chief Reporter

AN activist has branded the government regressive and secretive in its handling of environmental issues.

Sam Duncombe, of reEarth, criticised the Minnis administration over its position regarding how cruise ships are punished for what could be irreparable damage to the seabed. She said the urgency of the matter is apparent in continued accounts from fishermen who say the ships are deploying anchors that continue to drag across the ocean floor uprooting everything in its path, creating unbelievable damage.

It has ignited serious concerns from these men who depend on the ocean to survive, Ms Duncombe said.

Her comments came as the Bahamas National Trust released a statement yesterday accounting its findings from a rapid assessment of damage from ships anchored in the northern Berry Islands.

The BNT said its study was inconclusive despite its team observing more than ten ships in the area at the time of the assessment with anchors in sandy and hard bottom habitats between 60 to 90-foot depths. It recommended a comprehensive study to determine the effects of cruise ships as long as they remain anchored in Bahamian waters.

A massive cruise ship anchor and heavy chain observed on hard-bottom habitat at the time of the assessment.

Earlier this month, Minister of Agriculture Michael Pintard and Minister of the Environment Romauld Ferreira in a joint statement said government dive teams were being dispatched to investigate dam....

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