Friday November 1, 2019 « Carbon Pulse

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Spain’s offer to host this year’s UN climate talks has been approved, the international organisation said Friday, with Madrid set to be the venue after Chile pulled out due to ongoing protests in the country.


Alberta has not committed to raise the provinces carbon price under its proposed output-based pricing system in line with Ottawas backstop rate for 2021, as a provincial official said Friday that it would instead negotiate with the Canadian federal government on the topic.

California regulated entities are expected to easily comply with Friday’s interim cap-and-trade deadline, as more than enough allowances are being held in compliance accounts to meet projected GHG obligations, Carbon Pulse data suggests.

Regulated entities under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard drew down nearly 250,000 tonnes on the credit bank in the second quarter of 2019, as record deficits from gasoline and diesel outpaced higher credit generation totals from ethanol and biodiesel.

Two Massachusetts-based generators have emitted more than their initial 2019 permit allocations under the state’s Global Warming Solution Act (GWSA) carbon market through the third quarter, but surplus allowances in the programme could be minimising their need to go into the secondary market.


Japan and Laos have agreed to include projects that redu....

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