ExxonMobils Oldreive: Innovation fosters refinerys continuing growth

ExxonMobils Baton Rouge Refinery has a deep and legendary history with its original operations beginning in 1909 as part of John D. Rockefellers oil giant, Standard Oil Company of Louisiana.

During the turn of the twentieth century, Standard selected this site on the banks of the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge to build its 1,800 barrels per day operations, which included a refinery and an associated interstate pipeline network.

Today, ExxonMobils Baton Rouge Refinery Plant Manager Dave Oldreive leads the charge for what is now the fifth-largest refinery in the U.S. It occupies about 2,100 acres, including nearby tank farms, and has an input capacity of 540,000 barrels per day. The refinery is fully integrated with the companys Baton Rouge Chemical Plant that sits adjacent to the facility, creating efficiencies and the ability to recycle and share molecules from one site to another. In fact, the Chemical and Fuels & Lubricants teams combined into one organization earlier this year; ExxonMobil Product Solutions was formed to engineer, manufacture and deliver the products needed by modern society.

Today, the refinery manufactures about 300 products and grades of products, including motor gasoline, diesel, aviation gasoline, lubricating oils, waxes, petroleum coke, liquefied petroleum gas and chemical feedstock. Despite only coming to this historical site in February 2021, Canada-native Oldreive has 27-plus years manufacturing experience that he believes has helped identify ke....

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